Regional Plan

The full plan, as well as accompanying planning documents that were developed during the planning process, can be found in our document library.

The region’s top priorities serve to organize goals and strategies within the plan into four main themes: Improving economic competitiveness and education, investing in complete communities, increasing transportation choice, and building capacity for implementation.

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Improve Economic Competitiveness and Education

This theme captures our valley’s desire for a more diverse economy, trained workforce, and high standards for educational attainment across every race and socio-economic class within Southern Nevada. During outreach in the planning process, residents consistently described a future in which their children could stay in Southern Nevada, obtain the job of their choice, and raise their future families here. Residents want a wide variety of jobs; great public education; stable, strong neighborhoods; diverse housing options; access to transit; urban and recreational amenities; and opportunities to participate in civic processes and decision making.

Goals from this theme include:

  • Attract and retain future workers, visitors, businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Enhance the role of small businesses.
  • Support the educational system.
  • Increase collaboration to align economic development, transportation, land use and education strategies.

Invest in Complete Communities

The Complete Communities theme of the plan promotes building inclusive communities, providing good access to housing, jobs, transportation, and community amenities for all people, regardless of income level. In complete communities, people feel safe, have access to healthcare and vital services, and enjoy economic opportunity, all the while fostering the efficient use of land and scarce natural resources. The theme calls upon the region to evaluate how more efficient land uses can ensure that its housing profile is well matched to meet the needs of the future population and economy. Attaining a healthy balance of well-planned housing and jobs while ensuring that the region’s natural resources are protected is important for the region’s long-term economic competitiveness.

Goals from this theme include:

  • Invest in placemaking to strengthen neighborhoods and increase safety.
  • Increase the diversity of housing type and affordability.
  • Integrate healthcare, food access, parks, and services within neighborhoods and communities.
  • Promote resource-efficient land use and development practices, prioritizing conservation and energy efficiency.
Homes in Southern Nevada
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Increase Transportation Choice

Focused on improvements to the valley’s transportation and public transit system, this theme elevates connectivity and safety for all modes of transport. Community input shows residents desire additional transportation options, generating increased opportunities for economic and physical growth that improve access to high-quality neighborhoods, recreation and community gathering spaces. The plan envisions a more diverse set of land uses, integrated with a modern high-capacity transit system that together facilitates increased mobility and shortens the distance traveled from housing to jobs and services. In addition, providing mixed-use centers of activity allows transit, bike and pedestrian amenities to be implemented more efficiently, as critical densities of people can support increased transit services and the frequency of services needed for a healthy system.

Goals from this theme include:

  • Develop a safe, modern transit system that is integrated with neighborhoods and employment centers.
  • Enhance bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure to support alternative modes of transport for commuting and active lifestyles.
  • Develop a safe and efficient road network by building Complete Streets throughout the region.

Build Capacity for Implementation

To accomplish the goals set out in the Regional Plan, this theme addresses the capacity for our community leaders to implement this plan, and engage residents to understand and continue guiding the long-term vision for the valley.

Goals from this theme:

  • Expand public engagement and civic participation, especially from historically excluded communities.
  • Prioritize regional planning and collaboration among local governments and community partners.
  • Build experience and capacity in the Regional Plan concepts.
  • Secure external funding for implementation.
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Through better integration of quality housing, transportation, education,
workforce, and social service networks, we can achieve a stronger Southern Nevada.
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