Clark County and the City of Las Vegas together selected the Maryland Parkway corridor, which runs through both jurisdictions, as a Southern Nevada Strong Opportunity Site due to its potential to become a high-capacity transit arterial, complete with transit-oriented development (TOD), in the region. The Maryland Parkway Implementation Strategy report identifies opportunities and barriers and suggests projects, policies, and programs that could better position the corridor for revitalization and redevelopment.

Opportunities include:

  • Encouraging transit-supportive development such as a light rail system.
  • Evaluating transit-oriented development and options for redevelopment
  • Improving existing building façade.

As a living document, the Maryland Parkway Implementation Strategy is currently undergoing an update to assess progress made on these implementation strategies. The Progress Report will also provide recommendations and strategies for continuing revitalization and redevelopment work in the corridor.

The updated plan is expected to be complete by year end 2022.